Elena from Romania - Forced labour in the Gastronomy

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Elena met Mister Y. in her home country Romania. She presented the young Turkish man to her parents und travelled with him to Germany, where she worked in his coffeehouse as a waitress. He had promised her 500 Euro as monthly pay. She worked daily for 12 to 15 hours.

As after a while she still had not received any payment, she asked for her money and wanted to leave. Mr. Y and his friend refused and tried to force her to continue working by beating her und threatening to kill her. She tried to escape but failed. Thereupon she was beaten again, and by threatening her with a knife she was forced to sign a debt obligation of 15,000 Euro. The next day she managed to escape and reported the incident to the police. Elena was deeply shocked. She had come to Germany, as she believed Mister Y. would marry her. Didn’t he even come to see her parents at home and have a meal together?